Alive by Christina Knowles

Signs of Life“Alive”

I am alive

Once merely lingering, undeniably,

Through the journey I have thrived

Pain dwells in me

Eight swords still mark the space

But blinded I am bound

To this time and place

I am alive

The searing burn inside

Recognizes the offense

An ache that won’t subside

But still I am alive

The recompense is joy

Laughter that resides

Deep down, a place I thought destroyed

It’s true; I am alive

Excitement of uncertain futures

The Wheel of Fortune turns

Rumors in the cards discerned

Afflicted by the Sword

With dreams that have yet to die

Yes, I am alive

An unlikely state from past mistakes

The Hanged Man now is loved

A Lover, he becomes

Beholden, he succumbs

Driven to survive

Indeed, I am alive

Drifting down a nameless road

The signs of life abound

A Fool’s errand, I know

All around me, a presage

I am a life compelled

A glimmer, just a vestige

The hidden hazards of the Moon

In the Sun dispelled

Still Death, a knight, rides close

Morose, I journey forward

Simply because I am alive

A portent of the end of days

But days till then I’ll spend

With Justice, who sits on her throne

Her sword alone is raised

This is the company I keep

The path I have embraced

While still I am alive

Further down the quiet road

I stride in hopes to find

A way to lift the load

To fix the broken kind

The chaos in the sky

Death about to die

I’ll doctor it the best I can

And breathe into it life

For all around the signs are there

And I am still Alive—Christina Knowles (2016)

Photo: Signs of Life by Christina Knowles. Copyright 2016.

Peaceful Harbor by Christina Knowles


To Randy–You are my peaceful harbor.

“Peaceful Harbor”

Through the briny deep, a charter

Struggles in the swell

Until it finds a peaceful harbor

The unbounded crest beats harder

In the distance rings a knell

Through the briny deep, a charter

A cargo of hopes to martyr

In the distance, a chance to quell

For it will find a peaceful harbor

Drifting farther

To a tranquil berth to dwell

Through the briny deep, a charter

With the Fates, will hope to barter

A ponderous destiny to compel

It to that sweet and peaceful harbor

Forecasts presume gales much larger

But Fortune’s will is to propel

It through the briny deep, a charter

Until it finds its peaceful harbor

—Christina Knowles (2015)

Photo courtesy of UK

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