“Black and White Promises” by Christina Knowles

Dad and Uncle Gene
Gene Pitman (my uncle) and Harold Pitman (my father)

Dusty on the mantle

Framed in delicate design

Opening, I dismantle

Faces lost in time

Black and white promises

Of seeing you again

Begin again the processes

Of grieving you and then

I hold your image close to me

And think of how you were

Strong arms that held me tenderly

And told me you were sure

That I’d grow up to be someone

Of whom you’d be so proud,

But Daddy, you’re not the only one

Whose heart is swollen now

Gazing at your picture

Solemn young men dressed

To bravely face the future

In their Sunday best

My father and his brother—

Two boys on leave from war

A future to uncover

I couldn’t ask for more

My father's funeral in 2013.
My father’s funeral in 2013.

Your life continues to inspire

Your wisdom I replay

A father to learn from and admire

And I miss you every day.—Christina Knowles

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