“A Willow Bends” by Christina Knowles


“A Willow Bends”

A willow bends to the wind.

In approbation, she attends,

pledging fealty to the goddess.

The goddess waxing great, her promise.

An accomplice, sacrosanct yet equal,

she presides. Congenial,

she pulls the tide.

Bursting wide,

streams spill,

worshipping still

with their liquid hands,

sculpting stones

and building thrones

and shaping earth,

growing shallow for rebirth.

Cracked and dried beauty,

the brittle earth, ripe to be

encompassed in fire.

The elements conspire,

bringing the seedling forth anew.

Draped in the morning dew,

the seedling willow weeps

in joy, breathing deep

the ether of the stars,

and growing aging scars,

the willow reaches to her goddess,

the promise of her solace.

Then slowly the willow bends

in acquiescence to the wind.

–Christina Knowles

“A Caress from the Wind on the Sea” by Christina Knowles

To my husband, my wind on the sea.

“A Caress from the Wind on the Sea”

starfish on a beach sandA caress from the wind on the sea

Gentle and warm on a sandy shore

Softly, it sweeps across me

Drawing me deeper, it’s more

Than I imagine I need

This caress from the wind on the sea


Sand peppers my skin

Its synchronicity

Exists in the whim

In the air surrounding me

A caress from the wind on the sea


To its embrace

The scent of salt lingering

Leaving its gentle trace

Breathing life into me

My caress from the wind on the sea


Dreaming on a sandy shore

The wind stirring attentively

I would not ask for more

When you come to me

A caress from the wind on the sea

—Christina Knowles (2015)

Photo snagged from laurenrbake.files

“An Ocean of Possibility” by Christina Knowles

“An Ocean of Possibility”


Language in a thousand pieces

Inadequate to express

An ocean in a million directions

Overwhelmed but not afraid

The obvious creates meaning

Without limitations

Another recognizes the idea

As my mind reconsiders beauty

A jungle of first impressions

I dream of the possibility

I compose it

This silhouette

From my desires

The passion in me

Turns my reality into


—Christina Knowles (2006)

Photo courtesy of Bing Images.

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