“Snow Day” by Christina Knowles

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“Snow Day”

An unexpected gift

Like waking up on Christmas morning

Brightly colored packages piled high by the tree

Sitting in the dim glow of the TV

The “Closed” message trails across the bottom of the screen

Outside, it’s still dark but with a mysterious glow

Surreal, as if lit from some unknown source

The white sky, a snow globe, shaken

Oversized and intricately detailed flakes

Drift gently to the ground

Forming a lumbering blanket of white

Mounds drift and roll and disappear

Into the fog, the thick, wet air

Not quite frozen, heavy with the promise

Of more to come

I turn on the lights of the Christmas tree

The undulating glow casts a soft pattern on the wall

The village lights reflect on the glittery surface of the snow

My own private scene suspended in time

I light the fire and sit, absorbing the moment

The gift

A day to do anything, my own suspension of time

Life does not go on without me

I’m not missing anything

When I emerge from my snowy haven

Life will be just as I left it

—Christina Knowles (2015)

Entropy by Christina Knowles


Shimmering snow, delicate and fine

Each intricate flake is one

Unique in its design

But just another drop of water in the burning sun

Forming into crystals

Its hardening has begun

Then melting, drips—it ripples

Just another drop of water in the burning sun

Flakes, so fragile

Their formations, valiantly they’ve won

Glittering, they dazzle

But last but a moment In the burning sun

Smoothly frozen once again

Now merging into one

Newly impenetrable until when

It’s just another drop of water in the burning sun

Change is constant, it is written

Transformation is never done

The end is always hidden

In a drop of water in the burning sun

When at last, a vapor, it surely will succumb

To the scorching of the burning sun—Christina Knowles (2015)

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