“Tossed” by Christina Knowles

Snagged from liveknowledgeworld.com
Snagged from liveknowledgeworld.com

On a blue-green marble

I wander without knowing

A fervent explorer

Observing this

And wondering about that

What is truth?

I’m a paper caught by the wind

Struggling to put my feet on the ground

To give chase

Rolling and tumbling ‘round each bend

Farther away, always

An inch or two out of reach

Always the truth

Tossed high by the wind

Of this conviction or that

I miss the meaning of here

Dipping low across

A viridian blue sphere

I never quite land

Before the need again

Rises up in me

Flinging me across

An alabaster sea

A desert of need that

Predates me

Just a spot on a blue-green marble—Christina Knowles (2014)

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