“Christmas Lights” by Christina Knowles

Here is a Christmas sonnet to put you in the Christmas spirit:

Snagged from google images
Snagged from google images

“Christmas Lights”

 These stars that blink and chase entice my mind.

I stare as plastic people dance and turn

On mirrored ice to silent songs behind

A frosted glass. The candles wax and burn.

My eyes—hypnotized, dazed by lights that churn

And swirl, a flick’ring glow, while shadows fall

Around the tiny room. The taciturn

Snowflakes drop slow and heavy. They enthrall

Me as I gaze, unmoving through the tall

And lighted buildings of the street. I wake

Snagged from google images
Snagged from google images

Up from my reverie and tug my shawl

A little tighter now. The last snowflake

Has fallen from my view, and so I turn

To go. Life is awaiting my return.—Christina Knowles

4 thoughts on ““Christmas Lights” by Christina Knowles

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  1. Haha I counted out the syllables in “snagged from Google images” to see if it was an actual line. I love the imagery Christina 🙂


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