“Free” by Christina Knowles

“Free” (#1)

To be suddenly liberated by my own hands

Is the purest joy

Lightness fills me

With every clean, icy breath

For the first time


Tearing the tethers from my limbs

I run on open ground

I cannot see the end

Only infinite panoramas

Every possibility stretching before me

Twilight emerges, but darkness is hours away

There is time

Even a moment is enough

To exist in my own skin

To decide every detail

To roll playfully in the grass

And shout my true thoughts to the universe

Refusing ever to be muted

Once colorless and paper-thin

Each day a pretense

Quietly placating

I caught myself on the brink of death

And revived myself

Breathed in a new life

I am my own savior

Now I live


—Christina Knowles (2004)

Image: https://www.reachingforsoul.com


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