Because of You by Christina Knowles

1524025_10202288016035929_699231179_oI’ve always looked up to you

It was so easy to do

My life is so wrapped up with you

You stayed home with me

When I was sick, you comforted me tenderly

You kept me quiet on Christmas mornings

With stories of Santa and gentle warnings

I remember late night stories on your bed

To Adventure Land you led

To a world of imagination

Your words an invitation

I read everything you gave me

A new world opened gaily

Science fiction, fantasy

Suspense, a genre tapestry

I always looked up to you

My life was so wrapped up in you

I listened to you play your flute

In your room, music took root

You gave me records that I still have

Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Chopin

You introduced to me to culture I never would’ve had

It’s because of you, I’m who I am

You took to me to buy my first good skates

You listened all about my first dates

Listened to my teenage angst

Put up with all my juvenile pranks

You let me come and stay with you

Just what I needed; I guess you knew

It was so easy to do

Looking up to you

You bought my prom dress so I wouldn’t miss the event

Then you managed to get Mom’s consent

Always on my side it seems

You supported all my dreams

Tutored me, and never disdained

The hours, the concepts explained

You co-signed for my first credit

Trusted me, I’m forever indebted

When I went away, you took care of my dog

Every week, you read my blog

You went with me to Star Trek club meetings

Conventions, outings, and club proceedings

My entire life is intertwined with you

I am who I am because of you

All through our lives we’ve had such good times

Remember when we went to Disney and stood in those lines?

We screamed all the way down Splash Mountain

Took our picture in front of the fountain

Universal Studios was such a blast

That trip went way too fast

A Hawaiian luau, taking in the show

An earthquake, a flood, just Hollywood though

We haven’t taken a trip like that in a while

Now days, it’s more our style

Dinner and a movie on Friday nights

It’s still one of my favorite rites

It’s no wonder I look up to you

My life is so infused with you

The holidays we always share together

Thanksgiving at my house, no matter the weather

Christmas at yours, and candlelight service

The Living Christmas tree and your performance

Playing the bells on Christmas Eve

Christmas dinner, and after— a movie

Sometimes A Christmas Carol

Or we’d see The Nutcracker Ballet

In our finest apparel

A Christmas Story once again we’d replay

Our traditions are so special to me

Sisters, but friends, especially

My life is so wrapped up with you

It’s easy to look up to you

A chemist, a musician, an intellect to admire

An older sister, a height to aspire

A friend and a confidant

You went way beyond

What a sister should be

What a friend could see

I’ll always look up to you

It’s so easy to do

Because my life is wrapped up with you

And I am who I am because of you—Christina Knowles

5 thoughts on “Because of You by Christina Knowles

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  1. I remember you reading this in our poetry slam last year in Creative Writing. I remember how much emotion you put into reading it and now that I’ve read it again it still amazes me how wonderful you are.
    I hope you’re still writing out there somewhere… because it would be a shame if the person who inspired me so much stopped doing what she loved.
    Hope you’re living an extraordinary life- Kris.

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    1. Oh, wow! You don’t know how much I needed this comment right now. I’ve been wanting to write so much, but I’ve been drowning in new responsibilities—a soul-sucking new job and a money-pit house that needs everything. Worst of all, students that are mean and won’t let me teach them anything. Kris, which Kris? If it’s who I’m thinking you are, I miss people like you so much! Oregon is fabulous, but I miss my Colorado students so much.

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      1. I wish I could read your mind and tell you which Kris you’re thinking about. But, if I assume correctly, yeah, it’s me. Kids from other states always look oddly at outsiders. I know that from experience now. They think we’re there to change their perspectives. At least you’re still teaching. That makes me so happy to know you’re trying to change the world. Students need teachers like you, people like you make the world stop for a moment and think. I’m sure your students will come around- it is only first semester. That’s when students are the most… prick-ish. I’ve never been to Oregon. I looked at a college out there, but I don’t have good enough grades to go anywhere but PPCC. I’ve decided I’m going to be an English major, I want to write a book or become a journalist or an editor. I think I may go down the journalism path, because exposing the corrupt in companies like Walmart and Hyro (its a metal water bottle company) make me smile. You inspired me to go to college. You were so tough on me, and argued with me over everything I said about education and college! I realized education was important over the summer and it was mainly because of how you talked about it like a new hope. I hope everything turns out okay for you and I hope your house turns out to be your dream. New doors bring new opportunities- I think you said that to me. I’m not sure.

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        1. Kris, with a K, that’s great! But you were the one giving me a hard time arguing with about everything I said!

          Even more here, I realize the importance of college. It costs at least $25 (each for a couple) an hour to live modestly here, but jobs without college pay $12-18. Here, they want a college degree for everything, even fast food store manager. If I can’t take teaching anymore, which pays about $50 an hour here, then I could be a technical writer for the same money, degree required.

          I love that you are going to be a writer! You are a fabulous writer, and I love the idea of exposing corruption! Maybe you could make documentaries!

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  2. I love this one; one of my favorites in the book, and now more poignant than ever. I admire your ability to capture the most elusive sentiments of every day love.

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