moonlit stream“Escape”

Every day I escape

A retreat into my perfect place

Where moonbeams reflect off silver streams

And rainbow-colored butterflies

Dance on thin legs

On the tips of delicate veiny leaves

Sprouting from ancient gnarled oaks

A place where every loved one who has passed

Gathers to enjoy

The collective wisdom of a million lives

The adventures of one life combined

They speak to me in quiet love

In a single language, we each understand

The music of the breeze

And the rubbing of a cricket’s feet

Older than time remembered

The only tears are those of joy

An epiphany so splendid

And pain, a distant memory

Is understood in gratitude

Each moment every day

All is still and time does not exist

My Eden is always here

Inside of me

A sweet serenity

My real self lives here

I visit her every day

No travel plans or bag to pack

In the plush warm grass under a sunshine sky

Or in the cozy haven of my home

All I have to do is sit

I close my eyes and drift

And every day I journey

To my perfect place

My lovely escape

Photo via desktopnexus